On both sites, “the people” and “News of China have all reported related to the consecutive waves of cantilever stars opinion blizzard around the” China’s Got Talent “was No. 5 by the broadcaster Shanghai to host.

Most recently he has private plots 12-year-old Wood has been criticized for lip singer’s voice chatter Ba Special Turkey during broadcasts, “China’s Got Talent” on 29-5. At the scenes of the recording official program “China’s Got Talent” after receiving the questionnaire of the journalist, curator staged repertoire program confirms once again “is not about singing clones, or lip nothing here at all, only thing is when playing music that we’ve added some sound effects to make the song more complete than the U.S. alone, the professional singers as well as releasing the Such are the ”

You can keep track of the song online here or here



In reality, video song “Mother in the dream” boy in the land of Jupiter are spread over the blog with a dizzying speed. Many netizens share, upon hearing this song myself and all relatives were in tears. Within a short time, he plots Jupiter became the character of focus, with all of his performance in “China’s Got Talent,” the boy has moved the hearts of not only the audiencesitting in the room but also to the jury to tears.

Assuming as the end of the song, O Jupiter gained so quietly left the stage, so bring a very high artistic effect. But suddenly from the calculation Y position for the jury not repressed emotions expressed desire on behalf of all mothers on earth steps to embrace Jupiter. Hug it but not really like a mother hugs for my dear children, but the position as a woman, the desire to embrace the love expressed in seconds is also understandable.

All people are touched, many mothers were in tears, but most people should have cried then again did not cry. Looking tough the way they stand on stage, not from the heart, causing many to cramps, a child 12 was soon no longer the parent, standing between a large stage, before thousands of eyes filled with thousands of compassion for the plight of children, they still stood firm and rugged, expressing the song with all the deepest love for her in heaven. The noble sentiment that things can never be staged or fake.

Actually, the lip or implicit rules …. are behaving badly but there is always a messy way in the art world, they do not steal tricks from the work of others make it their own. The exchange between the beauty and power that are inherent to those who make art feel ashamed. The shortcomings in management and supervision issues published works of art and culture of the competent bodies with abnormal psychology on the part of the public to seek new ones created anomalies outcome of cultural market today. This is a sad thing for the art world in particular and for society in general.

The market of arts and culture of a new era not just the built-in economic benefits, but more should pay more attention to the direct impact it causes to society will be like. This responsibility not only of those in the art or the management of cultural management and supervision, which should belong to all people, all components of society.